How is Local News Related to Your Success?

Watching the local news, that’s a great use of your time, presented in a one hundred percent problem format.

No one watching the news cares your sale numbers are up, or that Wendy got a promotion, or that Jordan got straight A’s on his report card. Good news does not sell; therefore it’s omitted.

Rather, what you get is distorted, negative information about two or three percent of the people affecting those who view it in the worst way. If you watch an hour a day of problems, everyday for years, you become problem oriented.

Do you think local news adds or detracts from your sales skills? How about your business skills? How about your life skills? The news is popular because most people that watch it lack focus or direction, or are miserable and looking for something or someone more miserable than they are – I guess to make them feel better.

Still think the local news is important, How many of you can look in the mirror and say “I’m successful today, I am where I am today , because of the local news.”

Here’s a wakeup call: Let’s say you have been watching the news for half hour a day for the past year. That’s 7.5 full 24 hour days you spent watching problems. In five years that’s 38 full 24 hour days . In terms of a 40 hour work week, that’s 23 weeks every five years.

Now imagine the possibilities if you diverted that energy in a positive direction. Imagine what you could do with that time, and accomplish in that time, if you put it to productive use.

As a quick example, if you instead spent just 15-minutes a day reading and learning about a topic of interest, in one-year you could be an expert in that topic and help your business, or family.

Which do you think is a more powerful use of your time: Watching other people’s problems or investing in yourself and creating plans and solutions for you or your business.

The next time you say “I don’t have enough time” substitute the phrase with “I don’t choose to spend my time in that manner.” It’s closer to the truth. The real truth is you’re not investing your time in the most important people in the world – You and your family or your own business.

Take your hour a day and convert it into a positive action or learning for yourself, your job, your business and your family. At the end of the year, you will have captured more than 15 full 24-hour days building your future.

Reprinted with permission of Adam Dicker

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Is it a Good Idea to Use WordPress vs HTML?

Personally. I much prefer standard html sites vs WordPress sites. However, with that said, I must say a well designed WP site certainly can look great and be successful. Blogs and forums in particular do extremely well using WordPress where richness of features and live user interactivity are highly desired features, but with that said, I still like HTML vs Woprdpress by far for making “regular” (non-blog non-forum) new sites.

After working for years with regular html before using WordPress at first I found the WordPress learning curve to be huge and taking vast amounts of time. One of the toughest aspects was the look and feel of a WP site which is difficult to control and tricky to modify vs much easier to change html sites. Heavy spam or bot posts of WP sites are also a negative issue which is always looming but that is not a big problem involving standard html sites.

In addition, I do not think WordPress security is that good judging by some WP sites I know being hacked in the past. Speaking of security, the ongoing need to frequently update the version number is also an unwanted hassle, especially since the automatic upgrade capacity can and does sometimes fail.

In fact, you always need to worry your old WP version may not be fully compatible with the latest version and if not your site will go down when the upgrade fails and the old site will then stop functioning due to the upgrade failure. Been there and done that too. Even backups are a big hassle since there are extra steps involved to copy the data base but with standard html the database can be easily copied using simple FTP at the same time as regular htm files, with no other steps needed.

As far as search engine optimization is concerned I suspect WP and HTML are roughly equal in that regard. However, with that said, it’s much easier to do search engine verifications with html sites since it can be quite confusing trying to determine where the needed search engine verification codes are inserted into WordPress sites (because of the .php file names and confusing directory and folder structure, but with HTML and .htm files that’s all quite basic by comparison.

In my opinion, a big reason WordPress is so popular are the vast numbers of people who say they are WP programmers and designers (it must be easy to become one), or sell products that only work with WP, including many web-developer special offers and Clickbank products. Recently I decided to NOT buy several excellent sounding new developent site offers and programs since they were offered or designed only for WordPress and I was reluctant to add more WP sites no matter how good the offer sounds.

As a test, just ask a WordPress minisite developer, site designer or seller to help with some simple and basic modifications to your old html website and you will likely learn he/she can not do the job, no matter how basic it may be. Been there and done that. In fact, some of the things I wanted a bit of help or advice with from my WordPress developers or designers were real basic which I ended up doing myself, and I am far from being good with programming.

Wordpress vs html coding pros and cons discussion

Example of a Cleverly Disguised Hijacking Attempt

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Watch out for all the very well done cleverly disguised attempts to get your login name and password to various websites such as PayPal,, your Bank accounts, Facebook, plus email providers such as Gmail, and other sites.

For example, reprinted below is one of the more clever ones making the rounds today, which I am sure could work very well for the hijacker of your account:

“Gmail technology team has recently launched Google web software to protect and secure all Gmail Accounts. This system also enhanced efficient networking and fully supported browser. You need to upgrade to a fully supported browser by filling out the details below for validation purpose and to confirm your details on the new webmaster Central system.


Note: Your account will be disabled permanently if you failed to provide the details required above within 72hours. Gmail will not be held responsible for your negligence. The Google web Service.”

Many Famous Men Are 33rd Degree Freemasons

Been researching Freemasonry lately. One of the most interesting things about becoming a free mason is freemasons saying “a man should never enter freemason fraternity in anticipation of making business connections or for any other sort of professional or monetary gain. If he does, he will be badly disappointed. Instead, he will find a group of like-minded men, who are willing to treat him as a brother and share in a deep and rewarding fellowship with him.

He will find true friends and life-long companions. We expect men who petition for freemason membership to be good but not necessarily perfect men. We know all men have limitations and weaknesses. The freemason symbol pictured below is mysterious to the public as far as what it means and its origin.

Making money and businenss connection is definately not welcome by freemasons. Instead, they say a primary purpose of Freemasonry is the ongoing development of the Mason as an ethical, honest, moral, caring, sincere and charitable man, learning about his own potential as a human being and developing his intellectual and spiritual character.

We just finished a small website about the 33rd degree mason level which I believe is the highest level possible.

Some very famous men have or are freemssona (mostly 33rd degree masons) including: Bill Clinton (Senior Demolay; Newt Gingrich, 33rd Degree Freemason; Bob Dole, 33rd Degree Freemason; Jack Kemp, 33rd Degree Freemason; Storm Thurmond; 33rd Degree Freemason, Colin Powell, 33rd Degree Freemason; U.S. Secretary of State; Jesse Helms, 33rd Degree Freemason; Barry Goldwater, 33rd Degree Freemason; W.D. Gann, 33rd Degree Freemason, Famous Stocks & Commodities Trader; Al Gore, Freemason; and many US Presidents including: George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush

33rd Degree Mason information source 33rd Degree Mason

10 Health & Longevity Tips for Lucky 10-10-10

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Today is 10-10-10 which is amazingly good numerology and can mean good health, good luck & longevity what with 10 being such a perfect number. In honor of this rare very lucky date of 10-10-10 we are publishing 10-Tips for Healthy Living and Longevity, so we can add one more number 10 to today’s numbers:

Start the day with breakfast. Breakfast fills your “empty tank” to get you going after a long night without food. And it can help you do better in school. Easy to prepare breakfasts include cold cereal with fruit and low-fat milk, whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, yogurt with fruit, whole-grain waffles or even last night’s pizza!

Be Active! It’s easy to fit physical activities into your daily routine. Walk, bike or jog to see friends. Take a 10-minute activity break every hour while you read, do homework or watch TV. Climb stairs instead of taking an escalator or elevator. Try to do these things for about 30 minutes every day.

Exercise so you Sweat. Vigorous work-outs – when you’re breathing hard and sweating – help your heart pump better, give you more energy and help you look and feel best. Start with a warm-up that stretches your muscles. Include 20 minutes of aerobic activity, such as running, jogging, or dancing. Follow-up with activities that help make you stronger such as push-ups or lifting weights. Then cool-down with more stretching and deep breathing.

Get fit with friends or family.Being active is much more fun with friends or family. Encourage others to join you and plan one special physical activity event, like a bike ride or hiking, with a group each week.

Make healthy eating and physical activities fun! Participate in physical activities you and your friends enjoy doing together and eat the foods you like. Be adventurous – try new sports, games and other activities as well as new foods. You’ll grow stronger, play longer, and look and feel better! Set realistic goals and don’t try changing too much all at once.

Smart Snacking. Snacks are a great way to refuel. Choose snacks from different food groups – a glass of low-fat milk and a few graham crackers, an apple or celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins, or some dry cereal. If you eat smart at other meals, cookies, chips and candy are OK for occasional snacking.

Balance your foods and don’t eat too much of any one food.You don’t have to give up foods like hamburgers, french fries and ice cream to eat healthy. You just have to be smart about how often and how much of them you eat. Your body needs nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, fat and many different vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C and A, iron and calcium from a variety of foods. Balancing food choices from the Food Guide Pyramid and checking out the Nutrition Facts Panel on food labels will help you get all these nutrients.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and grains.These foods give you carbohydrates for energy, plus vitamins, minerals and fiber. Besides, they taste good! Try breads such as whole-wheat, bagels and pita. Spaghetti and oatmeal are also in the grain group. Bananas, strawberries and melons are some great tasting fruits. Try vegetables raw, on a sandwich or salad.

Join in physical activities at school. If you take a physical education class or do other physical activities at school, such as intramural sports, structures activities are a sure way to feel good, look good and stay physically fit.

Foods aren’t good or bad. A healthy eating style is like a puzzle with many parts. Each part, or food, is different. Some foods may have more fat, sugar or salt while others may have more vitamins or fiber. There is a place for all these foods. What makes a diet good or bad is how foods fit together. Balancing your choices is important. Fit in a higher-fat food, like pepperoni pizza, at dinner by choosing lower-fat foods at other meals. And don’t forget about moderation. If two pieces of pizza fill you up, you don’t need a third.

10-tips to achieve longevity and good health

Please comment if you have more knowledge about any of the 10 health subjects above.

Family Financial Expert & Personal Finance Advisor

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What with the very tough economy and hard times so many are enduring there is a greater need for a family financial expert to help your family finances. Personal financial solutions need to be easily implemented, free and also simple. Falling into debt is something most of us manage to do very well. In fact, we are experts at it, especially in the past when consumer credit and stated income or no-doc mortgage loans were readily available.

The fact is the major credit card companies, mortgage lenders and banks have become real leery of extending credit over the past few years. As a result, your credit bureau report and FICO credit score likely declined. In addition, you may have lost much of your old spending power but don’t despair as that may actually be a blessing in disguise if you can get established on a mostly cash basis and use debit cards more often vs credit cards.

Try real hard to stop living pay-day to pay-day and sometimes needing short term loans or credit card cash advances, and especially avoid the incredible high interest rate payday loans. However, if you fall into that credit trap at least seek out a good family financial expert and advisor, as soon as possible. The advisor may be able to also help-out as far as a mortgage loan modification is concerned, though that’s not easily done. In the meantime, try to avoid drowning under a mountain of bills!

Please pay a visit to Family Financial Expert website for additional information about investing and debts.

About Green Couches & Ancient Sea Creatures

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There are a couple things we have been wondering about regarding both ancient sea creatures and green couches so I posted this on a third partiy site but it was immediatey automatically rejected by the blog as being spam (which it is not) so am posting it here since some readers may find it interesting.

Since at the time we were in the process of purchasing the domain name we were doing research about green couches so this was mainly about “Green Couches” which were discussed on that web site.

We asked if the term green couches refers to both the color of the couch and in addition, it being manufactured from non-toxic materials? Also, can a non-toxic couch be called a “green couch” if it’s a different color such as tan or brown for example, or is it usually in-fact green in color?

Another subject of interest is wanting to learn about is what was unique about that website as far as the design goes since it was said the site is somehow similar to ancient sea creatures which have spiral shapes? That was regarding the interesting sea creature picture and the statement: “a fossil of ammonite, an extinct ancient sea creature, which is often used as an “index fossil” to link the rock layer in which they are found to specific geological time periods.

How does a website possibly embody the basic shape of the spiral, a growth pattern used throughout nature because it allows the organism to grow at a constant rate without having to change shape (as does the structure upon which this that site was built)?

Do any readers of blog have any thoughts about how the spiral natural shape of the ancient sea creature fossils (pictured below) could somehow be related to making good websites?

Do spiral shaped sea creature fossils reveal clues abut making a good website

Getting a Trademark Hassle which takes Forever

I finally got my federal trademark application approved by the USPTO. A very long and tedious trademark process which required lots of work, hassle, time and fees, taking nearly 2 years from start to finish.

During the ordeal I even had to deal with a lawfirm who filed a Trademark Trail & Review Board opposition lawsuit against my use on the B.S. grounds it was similar to a clients domain name (which involved different words and also not even a registered mark). Lots of other stuff happened too which I won’t go into at this time.

Here is the long chain of events copied from the website:

2009-11-20 – Law Office Registration Review Completed

2009-11-19 – Allowed for Registration – Principal Register (SOU accepted)

2009-11-16 – Statement of use processing complete

2009-11-15 – Amendment to Use filed

2009-11-15 – TEAS Statement of Use Received

2009-06-09 – Extension 1 granted

2009-05-21 – Extension 1 filed

2009-06-09 – Case Assigned To Intent To Use Paralegal

2009-05-21 – TEAS Extension Received

2008-11-25 – Noa Mailed – SOU Required From Applicant

2008-10-15 – TTAB Release Case To Trademarks

2008-10-15 – Opposition terminated for Proceeding

2008-10-15 – Opposition dismissed for Proceeding

2008-07-10 – Opposition instituted for Proceeding

2008-07-10 – Opposition papers filed

2008-06-10 – Published for opposition

2008-05-21 – Notice of publication

2008-05-05 – Law Office Publication Review Completed

2008-05-02 – Approved for Pub – Principal Register (Initial exam)

2008-05-02 – Previous allowance count withdrawn

2008-04-28 – Withdrawn From Pub – Og Review Query

2008-04-15 – Law Office Publication Review Completed

2008-04-15 – Assigned To LIE

2008-04-09 – Approved for Pub – Principal Register (Initial exam)

2008-04-09 – Examiner’s Amendment Entered

2008-04-09 – Notification Of Examiners Amendment E-Mailed

2008-04-09 – Examiners amendment e-mailed

2008-04-09 – Examiners Amendment -Written

2008-03-31 – Assigned To Examiner

2008-01-06 – Notice Of Design Search Code And Pseudo Mark Mailed

2008-01-05 – New Application Entered In Tram

Coming Events Cast Shadows in Search-Terms

Alexis DelChiaro photo from Fox News website

Our server has two excellent stats program running which tells us most everything possible about how visitors arrive at this website, including the search terms used in the search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

The popularity of the beautiful Alexis DelChiaro (photo above) as far as search results coming from our server stats program is quite surprising. Upon checking our statistics today we see Alexis DelChiaro is the most searched term. Making that more surprising is the fact most of the searches relate to the possibility of Alexis and husband (Chicago Cubs pitcher) Sean Marshall being separated or divorced, with 15 of 20 looking for information about Alexis and 12 of 15 regarding separation or divorce.

Here are the top-20 search terms (non-Alexis search terms are not shown):

alexis delchiaro divorced
alexis delchiaro
alexis delchiaro separated
alexis del chiaro separated
is alexis del chiaro divorced
sean marshall divorced
is sean marshall divorced
is alexis delchiaro divorced
alexis delchiaro age
alexis delchiaro divorce from sean marshall
alexis delchiaro sean marshall separated
did alexis delchiaro get divorced
alexis del chiaro
alexis del chiaro fox news separated from sean
alexis delchiaro and divorced

As discussed before in this blog, “coming events cast their shadows” which indicates to me it’s very likely Alexis is at a bare minimum having problems with her marriage and separation or divorce is likely. After all, why would these search terms be so common unless there was some truth to it?

As a side note, there was a popular old article with a series of comments published here about Alexis Delchiato which I believe are indexed in the search engines so I am sure that is at least one of the reasons some of the separaton or divorce search-terms end up being referred to this blog.

Please note, personally I am not interested in this or care about this subject at all, and only reporting about this as far as my strong interest goes in search engines, web site traffic and search term statistics.

Coming Events Cast Their Shadows About Future

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A lot of people (probably most everyone who is not involved with websites or domain names) do not realize when you run a web site you have access to the web-server log files or stats program, which reveals search-terms. The server statistics can tell the web site operator or site owner almost everything you could possibly want to know about the website and its visitors, even as far as revealing exacty how they stumbled on or found the site.

In this situation we are discussing server logs that appear to be referring to the current situation or possibly the future relating to previous postings on this site regarding popular Fox 10 TV News Co-Anchor the beautiful Alexis Delchiaro and her athletic 6′ 7″ tall husband and Chicago Cubs pitcher Sean Marshall.

For example, the stats program which is running on the server which hosts this blog reveals visitors found the posts about Alexis Delchiaro by typing in some real interesting things about Alexis Dechiaro into their search engine. We wont disclose them all at this time but will reveal the public conducted searches over the past month for things such as “alexis delchiaro separated from husband” and “are alexis delchiaro and sean marshall divorced” plus “alexis delchiaro sean marshall separated.”

My question is why in the world would folks be typing those kind of questions into Google, Yahoo or Bing unless there is something real going on here, or at least strong rumors to that effect? If that is going on here it begs the question about if searches performed by the general public may somehow predict the future, possibly in some magical or mystical way.

There is an old adage from perhaps the most famous stocks and commodities trader Mr. W. D. Gann who said “coming events cast their shadow.” Do you believe this, I know I do (at least to a certain degree)?

Coming Events Cast Their Shadows

Coming Events Cast Their Shadows

Achieving Success at 9 AM thanks to 09 09 09

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Today was a very special date being 09 09 09 but to make it even more unique I am able to add one more 09 (AM) to make it 09 09 09 09 which is real cool (in more than just the interesting numerology way).

I wished real hard for personal success today starting at 9 AM and that praying for business and personal success actually happened with a great achievement and victory this morning, which I can’t go into detail about at this time (but will do so when more appropriate).

Anyone else have something good happen today 090909?

Animal Slaughter Houses are Extremely Disturbing

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The cruelty involved at the animal slaughter houses (such as involving chicks, eggs and chickens) is really hard to stomach and highly disturbing unless you have a very cold heart and are probably a non-caring kind of person. My question is how in the world can people work there and do that stuff all day?

After watching this very upsetting and cruel egg production video you may very well decide to become a vegan and big supporter of the cruelty to animals movement.

Personally, I was never a big eater of eggs but did occasionally have an omelette but after viewing the sickening video would never eat another egg, ever, and would probably throw-up if I had even a bite. In fact, I am ready to vomit right now just thinking about eating chicken (which meat I don’t eat anyway), eggs, french toast, pancakes and including all egg products.

Warning: This hidden-camera video is graphical (children should not watch it without parents consent).

Looking For “Spine Flu” instead of “Swine Flu”

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Swine Flu is becoming a major concern to the public, health departments and governments around the world. To demonstrate how worried people are about spine flu they are even searching for or typing-in direct to the web browser “Spine Flu” instead of “Swine Flu” when looking for online information about H1N1 pandemic flu virus, as evidenced by the regular site visitors going to the web site…

Spine Flu Command Center H1N1Vertebrae Organization

Consumer Credit Card Warning – Press Release

The major credit card banks and firms including American Express, Discover Card, Visa Card and Mastercard are currently allegedly doing everything they can which in-effect seriously impacts credit card users and of major detriment to the already poor economy and public interest. They are doing things such as sharply lowering credit limits, restricting and closing accounts sometimes arbitrarily, imposing excessive fees and high interest rates. Much of those customer negatives are being done with flimsy, little or no valid reason.

A major impact of those credit-card issues is not only the significant lowering of consumer spending power and access to credit for emergencies but also reductions in FICO credit scores which occur when your credit card balance becomes a higher ratio vs your credit limit. That severely impacts other loans including car loan and home mortgage interest rates which rates can be significantly higher as a highly related side-effect and end-result of how poorly the large credit card issuers are treating many of their credit-card holders.

Still another serious issue is the fact credit-cards routinely permit you to exceed your assigned card credit limit. For example, we have been told by a Wells Fargo bank card employee they allow credit limits to be automatically exceeded by as much as 20%. At first you may think that is actually a nice benefit from your credit card issuer but unfortunately it may sometimes turn-out to be a nightmare.

The reason it’s really a major negative for you is the fact unless you promptly pay the full over-the-limit amount along with your regular payment there are substantial costs involved, i.e. approx $39 over-limit fee, $35 late-charge and you can also expect a huge increase of your card interest rate to say 24.99% or even more with some credit cards.

Remember, all that severe damage to your finances can happen even if you exceed your credit limit by an insignificant amount, perhaps just a few dollars possibly resulting from you not closely monitoring your credit card account balance on a daily or even a real-time basis, as consumers do not do.

Keep in mind as long as you fail to pay the exact over-limit amount and all the high associated costs they continue to be charged each and every month. Very quickly the monthly fees can easily exceed your minimum payment amount by as much as 150% or more from what we have seen, i.e. minimum payment of about $80 but monthly fees and interest charge of roughly $200 per month.

In-effect that means the credit card account will never be paid off and balance will only increase for years into the future unless you come into lots of money one day to pay the credit card off, or you could easily owe hundreds of thousands of dollars on your original low balance credit card over time!

keep credit cards and money in your wallet

Why Technical Support May Not Understand Issues

Have you ever called an internet-based company for technical support only to have the tech support person be unable to resolve the issue as a result of being unable to personally duplicate the probem you are encountering?

More often than you would think a reason the technical support dept has trouble personally duplicating the problem you are seeing is because they are either not actually using the program on the web like you are or else are using a different operating system, browser or even using a Mac computer instead of the PC compatible you are likely using.

For example, instead of the same program as used by most customers being installed or running on the technicians computer they often use a different setup. Such as an internal, proprietary or server-based setup, which is sometimes working from an admin control panel instead of how you use and run the program.

At other times, the technician may be using a less commonly used internet browser such as Firefox, instead of using the much more popular and much more commonly used Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser. Since the functionality, appearance, setups, screens, compatibility, memory use and potential browser bugs could be diverse the problems you are having may not be experienced by the technical support person you are talking to.

As an example, here is a saved live chat session I had today with the technical support department of a web development program I am using to semi-automatically generate multi-page websites. The company and persons name is not given in the chat log

Me: Hi, whenever I go to a 3rd party web site which has an RSS Feed my IE 7 or IE 8 RSS Feed icon turns orange color to let me know the web site has an RSS feed running on it but with all my sites with you that does not happen?

Technician: Hmm, can you clarify a bit? There is an Orange button? That sounds like RSS syndication. Such as in this website, which has the RSS syndication actve…

Me: Right, exactly like your example, my IE bar has an RSS Icon which is always grayed out even though my sites are using your platform and do in-fact have my RSS Feedburner code installed (which by the way is working well). Why does the RSS icon not turn orange color as it does with 3rd party sites which have RSS activated?

Technician: What version of Internet Explorer are you running?

Me: With both IE7 and IE8 the icon does not turn orange color as it should.

Technician: So for the example site I just showed you, it’s grey?

Me: Right, the IE bar icon (found next to home page button) stays grey with or without RSS running on the site. However, it’s always orange colored icon on 3rd party sites with RSS activated.

Technician: I am not sure why, I would need to look further into the situation, but it may be because the sites are using the platform, and there are some limitations.

Me: OK but look at your own Internet Explore Toolbar which RSS icon is located next to your IE home-page icon (at least there on my screen) to see what I mean.

Technician: I don’t use Internet Explorer. I’m on a Mac, so IE doesn’t work.

Me: You using a Mac is indeed an issue alright. Since the overwhelming majority of the public uses Internet Explorer and most do not have or even heard of Firefox, and is exactly why I only use Internet Explorer. In my opinion anyone in tech supt should also be using IE since that is what the vast majority of the the public is using so by using the same typical setup you can give better client support that way. Sorry if you do not like me saying this but you really should use what most of your customers are using, IMO.

Technician: Most of our team is using a PC platform.

Me: Not sure what that means?

Technician: I don’t do any developing so it is a non-issue for me. I can look further into your situation with our development team. Would you like me to email you an update?

Me: Was not referring to developing as this issue is about surfing the web and looking at the IE Toolbar which most people have installed having absolutely nothing to do with development so I have no idea why you are talking about development but thanks anyway for your time.

Technician: OK, I do like Firefox, you should try it. Thanks for your notification on this issue. Bye for now.

Me: No thanks. Bye.

P.S. After all that discussion and time spent on it the issue was not resolved, in large part because tech support did not see or able to duplicate the same problem on their screen. Isn’t that ridiculous!

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